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Regulation of labor migration in the EAEU


We will remind you what the main rules and regulations were introduced in the regulation of labor migration among the EAEU member states, recently several new posts were published and the old ones were closed, let's try them very briefly:

- Free movement of workers in the EAEU member States

- Labor activity in any case should be regulated and legal

- The worker does not need to pass exams for knowledge of the language, legislation and history of the state in which he is going to work, but knowledge of these aspects becomes a big plus

- For more education documents, you do not need recognition

- The ability to work not only under an employment contract, but also under a civil contract

- The period of stay in the territory of the state of labor is regulated by the operation of an employment or civil law contract. In addition, if the employment contract is terminated prematurely, the employee has the right to find another job within 15 days and not leave the country

- The income of the workers of the Member States from the first days of employment is taxed at the rate provided for tax residents of the State of employment. The children of workers have the right to study in school and pre-school educational institutions. Workers and members of their families are granted the right to receive free emergency and emergency medical care

Recall that the EEU countries include: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia