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The procedure for passing the state border has been changed!


The Legal Services Provider company notifies that at the meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on February 09, 2021, a new Procedure for crossing the state border was approved.
 Since February 4, certain restrictions have been introduced for people traveling outside the country. Citizens of Kazakhstan are allowed to cross the border for any purpose through land checkpoints once every 30 days. The counting of days begins from the date of the citizen's return to Kazakhstan. This periodicity does not apply to Kazakhstanis who cross the border through land checkpoints in order to leave for: treatment, funeral, care for seriously ill family members, study, work, permanent residence in another state, and so on. This category of citizens can leave the country without observing the 30-day interval. Kazakhstanis traveling abroad for treatment must have a certificate 026/y issued by medical institutions in Kazakhstan.
The Border Service noted that citizens of Kazakhstan can cross the border by air without any restrictions.
To date, direct flights have been resumed with: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Korea, Maldives, Sri Lanka.
Also, according to the new rules, ethnic Kazakhs are allowed to enter Kazakhstan, if they have a valid visa of Kazakhstan of the category "C10", " B8 " or identity documents with a mark of belonging to the Kazakh nationality (passport, identity card, birth certificate and others - with a notarized translation) , as well as their family members, but not more than 1 time in 30 days.


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