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The order of entry to the Russian Federation JULY 2021


Because of the current situation with QVI. The Government of the Russian Federation has made a decision on some restrictions and new conditions of the order of entry into the Russian Federation. Naturally, in this situation, it is impossible to completely resume passenger transportation.

Now we will tell you about the main facts that you need to know when entering the Russian Federation:

When planning a trip to the Russian Federation, it is necessary to remember that citizens of Kazakhstan can fly from any state with which Russia carries out regular flights.

Starting from July 25, 2021, when arriving in the Russian Federation from the EAEU member states (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan), and on September 1 - from Azerbaijan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, it is necessary to confirm the presence of a negative result of the COVID-19 PCR test (selected no earlier than 72 hours before arrival on the territory of the Russian Federation) through the mobile application "Traveling without COVID-19". First, you need to download the application, then select the nearest laboratory from the list provided in the application. After that, having passed the PCR test and received the result, it will be necessary to upload it to the application in the "Tests" section by scanning the QR code (the code is issued by the laboratory). When crossing the border, declare this code to the border service officers.

Regarding the entry into the Russian Federation through land checkpoints, the following foreign (for the Russian Federation) citizens can cross the border along these routes:

- Accredited or appointed employees of diplomatic and consular representatives of other countries.

- Citizens of states for which the Russian Federation has an agreement on visa-free travel.

- Persons who are family members of citizens of the Russian Federation (it is necessary to confirm the degree of kinship).

- If you have a residence permit of the Russian Federation

- People entering the Russian Federation for treatment, this fact will need to be confirmed

- Persons who are participants of the state program for voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation, as well as their family members 

- Employees entering the Russian Federation for work must prepare a work permit and all necessary documents in advance, it is also necessary to confirm a negative PCR test or a vaccination passport approved in the Russian Federation with a vaccine

- Persons entering the Russian Federation for education