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Decisions of the IAC meeting of June 2, 2021. The most important legislative updates!

Easing of the border control of the Republic of Kazakhstan was made on the following points:

- From June 7, 2021: The number of flights with Turkey to the city of Antalya will be increased (from 1 to 9), the opening of regular flights with Uzbekistan (Aktau-Nukus, Almaty-Namagan), the frequency-2 times a week, the increase in regular flights with Belarus from 4 to 6 per week.

- Scat Airlines will operate international flights: Nukus-Aktobe-Moscow and Samarkand-Aktobe-St. Petersburg, both-2 times a week.

- The airline "IrAero" will make international flights: Moscow - Aktobe-Moscow and St. Petersburg-Aktobe - St. Petersburg.

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