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Registration at the Astana International Financial Center. AIFC


The Legal Services Provider company is engaged in the registration of companies in the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC).

How is this beneficial for your business?

- Own legislation in accordance with the general English law

- Own court, arbitration and management bodies

- Exemption from corporate income tax

- Exemption from payment of individual income tax for a period of 50 years

- Lack of currency control

- No visa regime

- AIFC residents receive the status of an international company (which is a plus for foreign investors and the National Bank. companies)

- Support from the state

- Simplified visa regimes for foreign employees

- Support and communication with major investors

- The presence of its own exchange, where you can place shares and bonds

The Legal Services Provider company will help your business become better and more successful by joining the ranks of the AIFC.

Our services to support your business will include:

- Assistance in the preparation of documents

- Submission of documents for registration

- Legal consulting and analysis of your business

- Briefing on the AIFC legislation

- Licensing of your company industry

- Consultation in tax legislation

- Advice on AIFC bonds and shares

By contacting us, you can learn more about the registration procedure in the AIFC, we can provide support at any stage of registration and work with the Astana International Financial Center.