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Visa support. Obtaining a visa for a foreigner.


The Legal Services Provider company provides visa support services for foreigners planning to come to Kazakhstan for work, doing business or at the invitation of a Kazakh company.

Unlike a tourist visa, this process is much more complicated and requires a lot of effort. In more detail, after the conclusion of the contract with the Legal Services Provider for obtaining visa support services, the following stages of work will be performed:

- Registration of a company attracting a foreign specialist in the UMS DP, for this it is necessary to collect and prepare all the related documents.

- Then the process of obtaining a visa for a foreigner takes place, a copy of his passport, a work permit, a contract and a completed application for consideration of the candidate are required.

- After receiving a visa, the inviting party must sign and attach all the necessary documents. After that, the UMS DP confirms the number of visa support or permission. From this moment, a foreigner can enter Kazakhstan.

BUT! Due to the complicated situation with the CVI, citizens of other countries can currently arrive in Kazakhstan to work and conduct business with the help of the Interdepartmental Commission and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Accordingly, at these meetings, it is decided whether this citizen can enter Kazakhstan.

- The company attracting an employee should make a list of the most important foreigners to attract to work

- It is necessary to apply to the authorized body of the Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the place of registration of a legal entity and request the candidacy of a foreigner for consideration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

- After consideration at the meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the company will be notified of the decision

In the process of considering a candidate, additional documents of a foreign specialist may also be required for consideration and approval.

This procedure is valid for all types of work and business visas.

For advice and assistance with obtaining a business or any other visa, please contact the Legal Services Provider company.