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The contents

1. What is an invitation and when is it needed?

2. What information do you need to get from a foreign guest?

3. Procedure

4. When can the application be refused?

5. Receiving an invitation through the portal "Public services" (for individuals)

6. Invitation for a business visit (legal entity)

7. Sending the invitation

8. Refusal to issue an invitation

9. Some of the nuances

10. Video: a story about making an electronic invitation for foreigners

Citizens of far from any country in the world have the right to visa-free entry to Russia. Such privileges are currently enjoyed by CIS members and countries that have signed a visa-free agreement with the Russian Federation. If your country does not belong to any of these categories, then the first step for any visit to Russia, whether it is a tourist, business, private, or work trip, is to apply for a visa. This point is exactly what causes the most difficulties, because you can't come to the Russian Federation just by paying the visa fee and presenting your passport at the border. Any foreigner wishing to visit Russia should receive an invitation.

What is an invitation and when is it needed?


Invitation — an official document issued on a special letterhead, issued in paper or electronic form. The presence of an invitation becomes a reason for obtaining an entry visa to the Russian Federation. It contains information about the inviting party( PS), data of the foreign guest, the purpose of his visit and the duration of his stay in the country. Invitations are issued by the Federal migration service, and the document itself is issued on the basis of a PS application. In this case, the inviting party may be:

An individual is a citizen of the Russian Federation (when the purpose of the visit is a private trip);

Migrants who have a residence permit( residence permit), i.e. permanently residing in the Russian Federation;

Foreigners who have the status of highly qualified specialists (VKS) in relation to their relatives;

Legal entity — a Russian organization or a branch of a foreign company that has passed the appropriate registration (for a business trip or employment);

An educational institution where the purpose of the trip is to study in the Russian Federation.

That is , both an individual and a commercial organization can make an invitation for a foreigner to Russiaфизлицо. An individual can independently invite a foreign guest to his / her home, only if he / she is going to come on a private visit. In other situations, the order of receiving an invitation is slightly different.

For example, when receiving a tourist invitation (that is, when the purpose of arrival is tourism), a foreigner applies to a travel Agency, which will perform all the necessary procedures for processing the paper. At the same time, the travel Agency must be registered in accordance with the established procedure and included in the Unified register of tour operators.

If the trip is of a business nature and a foreigner plans to come to Russia for business, for example, to participate in a conference, conduct negotiations or resolve other issues, then the invitation is issued by a legal entity. Organizations where foreigners are invited as future employees, i.e. for employment, also deal with the issues of receiving invitations.

When an invitation is not required?

Making an invitation is a mandatory procedure for obtaining any type of visa. This document is not required when a guest enters the Russian Federation from visa-free countries.

For citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and a number of other Neighboring countries, an invitation is not necessary, since this category of persons can enter the Russian Federation only with a foreign passport without additional visa documents.

What information do you need to get from a foreign guest?

Foreign guest provides PS:

1. A copy of the passport (the page spreads with photos and personal information);

2. Information about the place of work (company name, legal address, phone number and type of activity, position held);

3. Number of entries;

4. Period of stay in the Russian Federation;

5. The city, which houses the Russian Consulate, where the guest is planning to obtain a visa.

Procedure of actions

Making an invitation for a foreigner to Russia is a fairly simple procedure, but it takes some time to prepare and collect the necessary documents.

Initially, a foreign visitor should decide on the type of visa that they will need.Depending on the purpose of the visit, a tourist, private, study, service or work visa is issued. The length of time allowed to stay in the country also depends on the type of visa document. Then the foreigner sends a scanned copy of their passport (this document can be sent by e-mail). It should be printed out if the PS personally takes the documents to the FMS. If the application is sent via the Internet on the portal "Publicservices ", then you will need to download this document in electronic form.


To receive an invitation from a foreign citizen to Russia, individuals will need::

Request for an invitation (to be filled in in two copies). The document form is available for download here. No corrections or errors are allowed when filling it out. All data must be entered in Russian.

Passport or other document confirming the identity of the PS (foreigners permanently residing in the Russian Federation, present a residence permit).

A copy of the foreign guest's passport. The document must be valid for more than 6 months, starting from the estimated time of entry. If a foreigner is accompanied by family members who are registered in their passport, copies of the corresponding pages of the passport are also made.

A letter of guarantee from the SS, in which the host guarantees that will ensure the foreigner: cash not below the subsistence level for the entire period of the visit; health policy; housing conforming to the standards area of the premises. Social norms for housing and the cost of living are set separately for each subject of the Russian Federation. The document form can be downloaded here.

Income statement. Attached as a confirmation of the warranty obligations assumed by the receiving party. The best option is a 2-personal income tax certificate or a Bank statement.

Confirmation of payment of the state fee. Its size is 800 rubles. Submitted upon receipt of a ready-made invitation.

If the guest invitation is issued urgently, when the foreign guest needs emergency treatment, the PS will attach a confirmation of this fact. For example, a letter from a hospital or a foreign medical organization. When the arrival of a foreigner is caused by a serious illness or death of a relative living in the Russian Federation, a Telegraph message certified in accordance with the legislation of Russia is attached. In case of emergency, the invitation is issued within 5 days.

Having prepared a complete set of necessary documentation, the PS applies to the FMS. After receiving the application, the service employee issues a certificate of acceptance of documents. Registration takes no more than 30 days.

When in receipt of a petition may be denied?

In some cases, the application is not considered:


1. there are no necessary documents or their electronic copies (when transmitting the application via the Internet).);

2. The data provided do not correspond to the information specified in the attached documents;

3. The petition is not made on the prescribed form;

4. the validity period of the invited guest's passport is less than 6 months after the planned date of entry to the Russian Federation;

5. Ended the validity of the passport SS;

6. there are inaccuracies and blots in the documentation provided.

Receiving an invitation via the portal "Public services" (for individuals)

Registration of an invitation for a foreigner to Russia is significantly simplified if the application for receiving this document is transmitted via the Internet.



In this regard, it is convenient to issue an invitation on the portal "State services" (www.gosuslugi.ru). To do this, you need to register on the site, activate registration, and then receive a registered email with your username and password to log in to your merchant profile. On the same site, you can also track the process of providing the service itself. in addition, this method of paper processing will save you from standing in line for a long time if you personally go to the Migration service for an invitation.

When making a paper through the Internet, you will only need to come to the FMS once — for a ready-made invitation on a pre-appointed day and hour. A special advantage of receiving a document via the Internet is that it takes only 20 days to issue it, rather than 30 days if you apply for an invitation in person to the FMS.

To receive an invitation, the PS fills out an application in electronic form, where all information about the foreigner and the inviting party is indicated. A copy of the foreign guest's passport and a letter of guarantee are also uploaded electronically. The following conditions must be met::

All documents are transmitted as a JPEG file;

The maximum size of each file must not exceed 600 KB;

Document pages should be loaded in a book spread;

The information should be easy to read, and the photo should be clearly distinguishable.

All invitation documents issued in a foreign language are translated into Russian with notarization. For issuing an invitation, a state fee of 800 rubles is paid for each foreign guest for whom the paper is issued. Details for paying the state fee can be found on the portal.

If everything is filled in correctly,you will receive a confirmation email to the email address specified during registration. It takes 20 days to review it, as well as the procedure for verifying all data itself. After this time, the receiving party, when making a positive decision, should receive a notification about the date and time when you can pick up the document. You need to come for a ready-made invitation with your own passport, payment receipt, letter of guarantee, proof of income (2-personal income tax certificate, Bank statement).

Invitation for a business visit (legal entity)

Legal entities provide the following documentation:


1. Request for an invitation. You can download the form here.

2. a power of Attorney from the organization for an employee who is a representative of the PS. A sample power of attorney can be found here. The employee must also present a passport.

3. a Copy of the passport of the invited foreigner.

4. a letter of Guarantee, in which the PS assumes all expenses related to providing the foreigner with money in the amount not less than the subsistence minimum. The letter also guarantees that the foreign guest will be provided with housing and a medical facility or funds necessary to receive medical care. A sample document can be downloaded here.

5. If a foreigner is invited as a future employee, the company provides a copy of the permit for attracting foreign employees, as well as a copy of the work permit for each migrant. This requirement does not apply to foreigners invited as VCS.

6. Receipt of payment of the fee (800 rubles).

7. If a foreigner is invited by organizations for employment, it is advisable to attach to the package of documents his application for a job.

When a foreign guest is invited to a territory that is closed to foreigners, it will also require approval from the FSB and obtaining a special permit to visit this zone. These places, in particular, include:

All sorts of closed military camps;

Restricted areas for foreigners;

Border area;

Russian air force facilities;

Objects where state authorities and companies involved in ensuring the country's security are located;

Zones of an ecological object and other places.

Sending an invitation

The received invitation should be sent to the foreigner. You can send the paper by mail or by courier service. It is the original invitation that is sent.


If the electronic version of the document is issued, it can be forwarded by e-mail or sent via the Internet in any other possible way. After receiving the invitation, the foreigner applies to the Consulate of the Russian Federation located in the country where he lives. After presenting their passport, photo, medical insurance, invitation and other documentation (depending on the purpose of the visit to the country), they are issued a visa to enter the Russian Federation.

Important point: the legislation of the Russian Federation does not provide for issuing a duplicate invitation. If the paper is lost or damaged, the PS will have to start the procedure for obtaining it again.

Refusal to issue an invitation

If the Federal migration service refuses to issue a permit, the PS is sent a written message within 3 days stating the reasons for making such a decision, which may include::


1. The arrival of a foreigner is a threat to state security;

2. during his previous visit to the Russian Federation, a foreign guest was deported from the country;

3. a decision has been made regarding the undesirability of a foreigner's visit to the country;

4. a Foreigner has been convicted of committing dangerous crimes in the Russian Federation or abroad;

5. a Foreigner has been brought to administrative responsibility in the Russian Federation two or more times in the last three years;

6. at the time of their previous arrival in the country, the foreigner did not pay a tax, fine or cover the expenses spent on their deportation (valid until full payment).);

7.during their last visit, the foreigner did not leave the country prematurely (more than 30 days after the expiration of the migration card). This does not apply to situations where a foreign guest was unable to leave the Russian Federation within the allotted time, for example, he was undergoing emergency treatment, his relative fell ill or died;

8. fictitious documents were Provided, and data that does not correspond to reality was reported.

Some of the nuances

If a minor guest from abroad enters the Russian Federation using a personal passport, then a separate invitation is also issued and a state fee is paid.

Penalties may be imposed on the PS if it does not fully fulfill its warranty obligations to the foreign guest. The fine is up to 50,000 rubles for an individual, and up to 500,000 rubles for legal entities.

When circumstances change during the document processing process, such as the planned date of entry, period of stay in the country, passport details, or other data, the PS can fill out a new application. It is attached to previously accepted documents and the invitation is issued taking into account the changed data.

As proof of income in order for the Express warranty applied help 2-NDFL, 3-NDFL or Bank statement. The PS must have money to provide for a foreign guest at the rate of the established subsistence minimum (its amount for each region is set differently), which is necessary for one person to stay for a month.

According to the current agreement between the Russian Federation and the United States, invitations for American citizens are not issued. To obtain a visa, a direct written request from the PS to the American Consulate is sufficient.